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Active holiday in the water-rich Netherlands

Active holiday with family or group

Get on board for a special and active holiday in the Netherlands. Sailing on a traditional sailing ship with family or friends is a wonderful way to spend your holiday.
Visit the beautiful Wadden Islands or the picturesque harbors at it IJsselmeer. After a pleasant sailing day, the ship moors in a harbor. While sailing, you decide how actively you want to participate. There is then enough time in the harbor to explore the area, go for a walk or grab a terrace. If you are on the Wadden Sea you can also fall dry (in good weather) and walk on the mudflats. This is a very special experience!

An active trip during the summer holidays

The Netherlands has a large fleet of sailing ships that sail with guests. You can choose from small and large ships. From basic to luxury with home ports from Zeeland to Friesland. Because you get on board in a Dutch port for your holiday, you don't have long travel times.
The route to be sailed partly depends on the port of departure. From Harlingen, for example, you can easily reach the Wadden islands of Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Texel. If you board in Enkhuizen, the beautiful former Zuiderzee harbors on the IJsselmeer are easy to visit. And even if you've been to these towns before, from the water you see a city in the Netherlands from a new perspective.

What does a sailing holiday with a group look like?

You can choose for a weekend, a mid- or a whole week of sailing. Once on board you can determine the route in consultation with the skipper. This of course depends on the weather conditions. But whatever the weather, each active holiday is unique and an ideal way to go out together.
You can be active outdoors or just relax on the deck. Everyone does what he or she wants. But you are still together as a group.
Sailing experience is not necessary, before the ship departs the crew explains the principles of sailing. Of course you can then help hoist the sails. Or determine the course with the steering wheel in your hand. A family member or friend who likes to cook will have a great time below deck in the fully equipped galley. To then come up with a welcome lunch around noon. Of course you can also have yourself completely taken care of by a hired cook during a weekend, very easy!

Prefer to travel alone? Then choose an individual sailing holiday

If you do not want to book an entire ship with a group, you can also choose to sail with a organized group holiday in the Netherlands. These holidays are for single travelers and small groups. The holidays vary from a day trip on the Wad to long wanderings over the Dutch waters.
You embark on board a sailing ship and first meet the fellow passengers and crew. After an explanation about the stay on board and the necessary information about sailing, the mooring lines are released. The sails are hoisted and together with your travel companions you make a beautiful sailing trip.
These trips are almost always full board. There is often a professional chef. This will take care of everything during your sailing holiday. Sometimes the guests prepare the meal together. If you are traveling alone you will be assigned to a cabin with only men or women. It is of course also possible to book a private cabin for yourself or family.
Whatever the sailing holiday looks like, at the end you will have a special experience richer. And you got to know the ins and outs on board and fellow travelers in a relaxed way. It will not be the first time that friendships have been forged for years during these trips.

Start your sailing adventure here; we are happy to help you

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