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Sailing on a sailing ship. You connect as an individual traveler with other passengers. Complete sailing trips with destinations at home and abroad. Do what you want: actively help hoisting the sails or sit on the deck in the sun. Experience your sailing trip on the water and on shore.

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For a school trip or with friends, family or other acquaintances, rent a ship as a group accommodation. Determine the sailing route together with the skipper. Possibilities enough: sailing past historic port cities on the IJsselmeer, roaming the Frisian lakes, or an adventurous crossing to the idyllic Wadden Islands.

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Sailing on the Wadden Sea, an unforgettable experience

Sailing on the Wadden Sea is an unforgettable experience for everyone. The Wadden Sea is easy to reach from the departure ports of Makkum, Harlingen Stavoren or even Enkhuizen. Once you sail on the largest protected nature reserve in the Netherlands, you will soon forget the issues of the day and experience nature in an overwhelming way. Seals occasionally curiously put their heads above water and if you are lucky you will encounter a harbor porpoise yourself. A sailing trip on the mudflats can also be nicely alternated with drying out on a sandbar with one of the well-suited flat bottoms of ZeilendeSchepen.nl.

The ship sails gently on the sandbank with the tide going down and you wait until the water has retreated far enough to take a walk on the seabed. A completely new world full of shellfish is emerging. A walk on a sandbar under a setting sun is an experience that will stay with you for a long time. Would you also like to experience this? Please contact us and let us inform you about the possibilities regarding renting a ship or booking a sailing holiday.

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