Zeilendeschips.nl has stopped. We would like to thank all sailing guests for the trust!

For questions about existing bookings are we still available via email (info@zeilendeschepen.nl) and telephone (0517 20 10 23)

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I read that sailingships.nl has stopped, what does that mean for my booking?

Zeilendeschips.nl has stopped offering sailing ships and sailing holidays as of July 1, 2023. The company continues on a different footing. All booked trips will continue as usual and will be carried out by our partners and colleagues under the same conditions. The office will also remain available for questions.

Transfers to the ports of departure

For the (foreign) sailing trips you must arrange the trip to the departure or arrival port yourself. This is separate from your reservation for your sailing trip. It is wise to book your train or flight as late as possible and to look carefully at the conditions. If a sailing trip is canceled then Zeilendeschips.nl is not responsible for the costs incurred for the transfers.

What is included in the rental price?

Rental prices of the ships in Dutch waters include 6% VAT, port/bridge/lock fees, tourist tax and fuel costs for a maximum of 1 hour of motor sailing per day. If you absolutely want to reach a certain distant destination, and the skipper has to start the engine for that, he/she will charge extra fuel costs.
The port dues are not included in the rental price for ships that have the Baltic Sea and the North Sea as their sailing area. You pay this afterwards, the costs for this can vary quite a bit, because the ships often anchor and there are no costs involved.

How luxurious are the ships?

Today's charter ships are equipped with many conveniences. The cozy day room with galley (kitchen) forms the center of the ship. The cabins with bunk beds, a washbasin and (limited) storage space can be found in the front and/or back of the ship. Some ships have cabins with low beds). Most ships have communal modern toilets and showers. Almost all ships have central heating.

The ships can differ in comfort. That is why ZeilendeSchepen.nl works with a qualification system: the more stars, the more luxurious. However, these stars are subjective, as they say nothing about the sailing qualities or the atmosphere below deck. For a good impression, it is best to view the photos of the ships and we at sailing ships.nl are happy to answer your specific questions about the ships.

Food and drink

If you have rented an entire ship with a group, you basically take care yourself for eating and drinking. The galley is equipped with a stove and refrigerator as standard. There are plenty of pots & pans, cutlery, crockery, etc. available. Bring your own herbs and suchlike. Also think of tea towels, dishcloths, cleaning / detergent, toilet paper and waste bags.

In some departure ports there is a supermarket with a shopping service. You can fill in a special order list in advance. On the day of arrival, the groceries are brought on board. Along the way there are opportunities to make further purchases in various ports.

You can also choose to use the catering to be taken care of on board. Inquire about the many possibilities. Keep in mind that if a ship's cook is sailing with you, a cabin is reserved for him or her on most ships.

On ships that are equipped for a day trip, it is often mandatory to purchase catering from the ship.

What do we do when the wind blows?

In principle, the skipper decides when the ship has to stay in port due to too much wind or whether an alternative plan is made. For example, an alternative route could be inland. Then you sail a beautiful route through the canals and lakes.
It mainly depends on the size of the ship, the wind direction and from which port you sail. However, it is rare that it is not possible to sail at all.

It is also possible to take out charter shipping insurance with a storm insurance policy. This is possible via this link: charter insurance


Is catering possible during a sailing trip?

It is possible on virtually all ships to have the catering provided by a chef. It is then agreed in advance what will be provided. It is also possible to order the drinks. Catering can vary from a simple meal to a luxurious multi-course dinner.
Often you can also choose to do a catering that is not completely taken care of. Then you help the cook with the preparations and the dishes, this is the cheapest option. For longer trips this is a nice option, you do not have the responsibility, you have to help a bit and yet there is a nice meal on the table.

Keep in mind that on some ships a cabin is kept free for the catering staff. In that case the number of sleeping places is reduced.

The menu and the corresponding prices differ per ship. Feel free to ask about the possibilities and we will gladly make a suitable offer.

Does the cook take dietary requirements and allergies into account?

If you have dietary needs or allergies, you can best submit this for booking. Often it is not a problem and the cook knows how to prepare an alternative meal with some adjustments. In practice, the chefs increasingly have to deal with special requests and that can not always be taken into account. Sometimes, therefore, the customer will also be expected to cooperate if special products have to be purchased, which will then have to be taken care of by the customer himself, for example.

What is the cash box for?

With some sailing trips in the Baltic Sea, for example, it is customary that you pay separately for the board cash, this money is used for groceries, harbor dues and tourist tax. This is charged separately because anchoring is relatively common in the Baltic Sea and it is therefore difficult to estimate in advance what the exact costs will be. On average, the costs are between 20 and 25 euros per day. If there is money left over, you will of course get it back.



Can we help with sailing?

Bringing a historic ship under sail together with the skipper and mate is one of the enjoyable group activities on board. The crew expects help from a few passengers in hoisting and lowering the sails and in performing maneuvers. And in consultation with the skipper you can probably steer if you like. While sailing you can determine how actively you participate, there is enough time and space to relax on deck for example.

What is present in the kitchen?

The kitchens on the charter ships are fairly fully equipped. You can prepare excellent, extensive meals.

You cook on a large stove. You will find a usual inventory: refrigerator, crockery, cutlery, pots & pans, a kettle, a coffee maker or thermos flasks with filter holders. Many ships also have a freezer and oven. Look at the general facilities of the ship for the inventory of the ships. Coffee filters with different sizes are ready for use. Please bring: kitchen linen, a washing-up brush and washing-up liquid.

Some ships have a shopping service: you will receive an order list from a supermarket before departure. Everything you have entered will be on board when you check in.

You can order catering on all ships if desired. Contact our office for more information.

Does the crew eat?

In general the skipper and sailor like to have a bite to eat. Agreements about this are often made on board.

Are there towels on board?

There are no towels on board as standard. So bring your own.

You can rent towels. Prices vary per ship. Please specify in advance.

Is bed linen on board?

The beds on the ships are equipped as standard with a bottom sheet and a pillow with a pillowcase. So you only have to bring a sleeping bag or comforter.

You can rent duvets with cover. Prices vary per ship. Please specify in advance.

More and more often a ship is rented as standard including duvets. This is clearly stated in the specifications.

What do I bring in personal luggage?

On the water you can encounter different weather conditions. So bring clothes for hot and cold temperatures. In the summer it can cool down quite well in the evening. Rain or sailing clothing and boots are also handy. Comfortable shoes with profile soles are practical for on deck.

Tip: put your things in a foldable bag. You can hardly store your suitcases in the cabins.

Who takes care of the final cleaning?

When you step on board, you will find a clean ship. The intention is that you leave it clean again. You can take care of the final cleaning yourself or buy it off. The costs vary per ship. You can pay the amount in cash on board. On a number of ships, the final cleaning is included or mandatory.

There are no cleaning costs for individual sailing trips.

Is there 220 volt while sailing?

In principle, there is no 220 volts when sailing. Unless the skipper has the generator on. This differs per skipper and ship whether this is possible. So assume that there is no 220 volts while sailing. In the ports, the ship has shore power and there is always 220 volts on board.


I read that sailingships.nl has stopped, what does that mean for my booking?

Zeilendeschips.nl has stopped offering sailing ships and sailing holidays as of July 1, 2023. The company continues on a different footing. All booked trips will continue as usual and will be carried out by our partners and colleagues under the same conditions. The office will also remain available for questions.

Terms & Conditions

Deviating General Terms and Conditions

Most of the ships we offer use the standard General Terms and Conditions of the BBZ. However, there are a small number of ships that use the ANVR Traveler Conditions. This is clearly stated on the contract. Here you can read the ANVR Traveler Conditions.

Why the guarantee fund?

The Guarantee Fund has been mandatory since 2018 for package holiday providers. It gives the booker the guarantee that he / she will get the full amount back in case of bankruptcy or suspension of payment from the provider.
This Guarantee Fund does not apply to journeys shorter than 24 hours. So for a day trip no amount has to be paid for the Guarantee Fund.


For the payment of a booked ship The following payment terms apply:
1e part (50%): within 2 weeks after booking
2 part (50%): no later than 5 weeks before departure

For a individually arrangement applies:
100% within 5 days after booking. This can be done via iDEAL or via the account number below.

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