Zeilendeschips.nl has stopped. We would like to thank all sailing guests for the trust!

For questions about existing bookings are we still available via email (info@zeilendeschepen.nl) and telephone (0517 20 10 23)

About us

Zeilendeschips.nl has stopped offering sailing ships and sailing holidays as of July 1, 2023. The company continues on a different footing. All booked trips will continue as usual and will be carried out by our partners and colleagues under the same conditions. The office will also remain available for questions about existing bookings.

Zeilendeschips.nl is an independent booking agency for charter ships. We have the largest selection of sailing ships nationwide and can therefore offer the most suitable ship for every request. When you book with us, you pay the same fixed price as elsewhere. Accompanied by the best advice. Our employees, who have worked in the fleet themselves, can be reached by telephone on weekdays from 8.30:17.00 am to 300:XNUMX pm. They are happy to help you with their professional knowledge in your search for a suitable ship and are happy to inform you about the many possibilities. In addition to the wide range of ships, Zeilendeschip.nl also has the largest selection of sailing holidays. In the season there is a choice of more than XNUMX sailing trips.

Zeilende Ships.nl is a subsidiary of Sleeping Ships bv. The company started 20 years ago in Franeker and has grown over the years into a strong, reliable partner in the charter world.

We would like to introduce ourselves to you:

Mark Jongedijk, managing director

Marlous Moen, sales business

Laura Steringa, Human Resources

Titia Huisman, bookkeeping

Gerrie Bijlsma, bookkeeper

Carina Hensbroek, SEO / content manager


Pouring ramp 3b
8912 AL Leeuwarden

Telephone 0517-20 10 23