Sailing on the versatile Wadden Sea

Sailing through a beautiful nature reserve to the Wadden Islands

Sailing holiday Wadden Sea - As soon as you go sailing on the Wadden you immediately experience the vastness and silence of this exceptional nature reserve. The wadden region is still one of the few nature reserves with, by Dutch standards, enormous scale and openness. This is very special from a national and European point of view.

The landscape of this area is characterized by a landscape that is constantly moving. Sea, wind and sand have free rein, which means that the islands, the sandbanks and the channels are constantly changing. The Wadden area is a place that you must experience. It is nature that determines your path here. You depend on the tide and the flow of water. Sailing is different every day, even for experienced skippers who have been sailing here for decades, sailing on the Wadden Sea is never boring.

Fall dry and spend the night

With a flat-bottomed ship it is possible to fall dry as soon as it becomes low water. The skipper anchors the ship above a beautiful sandbar and then you can enjoy the view while the water slowly sinks. After a few hours, with a little luck, the ship will be completely dry and you can step off the ship onto the sandbar. Spending the night on the Wad is also very special. You do not suffer from light pollution, cars or neighbors. Only you and the boat you came with.

Sailing and sailing trips on traditional sailing ships

The combination of the special waterways and the Wadden Islands make the Wadden Sea Region the perfect waterway for a shorter or longer sailing holiday. You can rent an entire ship with skipper and sailor via so that you can take a day trip or multi-day sailing trip with your family, colleagues or friends. There are also such ones every year 200 sailing trips for people traveling alone or small groups. You can embark on board various ports in Europe and sail along for a sailing holiday to the Wadden Islands, through the Norwegian fjords or Scottish Hebrides. The fully arranged trips vary in length from 1 day to 3 weeks. If you cannot find the ideal ship or your dream trip, we will gladly help you further via e-mail, telephone or the chat program.

Experience the Wadden Sea

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Sailing trip with mudflats

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