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Drying and mudflat hiking

Walking on the mudflats on the dry sandbanks

One of the most striking features of the Wadden Sea is its tidal zone. Twice a day, the water from the North Sea flows into the Wadden Sea, raising the water level considerably and changing the landscape. The water also recedes and the channels and mudflats are exposed. This is the moment when the truly unique Wadden Sea adventure begins!

Drying and mudflat hiking, you have to experience that once as a sailor! After a beautiful sailing trip, the ship sails towards a suitable sandbank where you can walk nicely on the mudflats. The ship is then lying on a sandbank. This is possible because these ships are flat-bottomed: ships with a flat bottom and swords instead of a keel. As a result, these ships can run dry on the flat sandbanks without any problems without lying askew.

The moment the ship hits the ground, the sail goes down and then you have to wait until the water slowly drains away. This is a great time to swim, eat together or read a book. As soon as the water is low enough you can disembark and walk around the ship, which is a very strange sensation in itself. You can get a close look at life on the bottom of the Wadden Sea while taking a walk on the apparently endless sandbanks.

Zeilendeschepen.nl offers various sailing trips with an emphasis on dropping out. These ships, for example, go on the Wad for a day and stay there to fall dry, mudflate and spend the night enjoy the peace and nature of the Wadden area. There are also journeys where a beautiful sandbar is sought during the multi-day sailing trip. These trips mention it specifically with the travel information. Here you can assume that the skipper will plan that during the sailing trip. In fact, it always works out during a midweek or week trip, but it remains dependent on the weather conditions.

Discover the Wadden Sea up close

The Wadden Sea is one of the most unique and fascinating nature reserves in the Netherlands. This shallow coastal area stretches along the northern coast of the Netherlands, from Texel in the west to the Dollard in the east. The Wadden Sea is known for its extensive sand flats, channels and mud flats, and is home to an amazing variety of plants and animals.

Whether you come to enjoy nature, to relax, to walk on the mudflats or to observe the beautiful fauna, the Wadden Sea has something to offer for everyone. It is a unique part of the Netherlands that you should not miss!

Sailing trip to the Wadden Sea