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Sea sailing: Milemakers and sailing trips at sea

Sea sailing with one of our unforgettable mile-makers sailing trips

Sea sailing is a special activity in which one sails on a ship on the open sea. Offshore sailing can range from leisurely coastal cruising to challenging long-distance regattas. Besides the challenges of sailing the sea, offshore sailing also offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of the ocean and coastline. It can be a great way to experience nature and nurture an adventurous spirit.

Sea sailing is impressive

There are sailing holidays where small crossings are made from island to island, for example, and you have the so-called mile makers. The mile makers are the toughest brother of all sailing holidays that we offer. The Dutch tricolor waves in the mast of most tallships or seagoing charter ships that sail around the globe. Sea sailing is still intertwined in our culture and the knowledge of the ships is still passed on from generation to generation.

Affordable mile makers

In the preseason, many of these mighty sea sailors sail from the Netherlands to their summer sailing area and return in the autumn. Sometimes the ships change sailing areas during the high season and long trips are also planned in between. Sea sailing is often favorable in terms of price compared to regular sailing trips. Naturally, catering is included during the tour.

They often sail day and night until the port of destination is reached. Friendships for life are regularly formed between guests and crew during these sailing trips. Step into the world of sea sailing with watchkeeping, peering into the night, sleeping at an angle of more than 20 degrees and sunrises in unparalleled views. An experience that you will never forget.

Sailing trips

ZeilendeSchepen.nl offers you the opportunity to embark on an impressive journey. There are several trips to eg. Scotland, Baltic Sea, France and the Mediterranean Sea. If you have a few reasonable sea legs or if you want to experience such a sea journey, then embark on one of the many trips we offer. Experience is not necessary, the crew is happy to explain everything about sea sailing.
You can book the sailing trips with us on a sturdy 20 meter collin archer or an impressive three-master of 60 meter.
For example, take a look at the sailing trips on the Flying Dutchman Iris or for Thalassa. These ships make many beautiful trips where you as a guest can enjoy beautiful views, beautiful harbors and excellent care on board.
Is a foreign sailing trip made for you? Then contact us directly. We are happy to inform you about the many possibilities of sea sailing.

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