Sailing vacations and group travel throughout Europe

A diverse range of adventurous group travel for everyone has it largest selection of sailing vacations and group travel in the Netherlands and abroad. Our group trips are very diverse, there is a suitable trip for everyone. On our site you will find short vacations such as a mudflat day trip or long mile makers where you go on an adventure for more than a week.

What does an individual sailing trip entail?

The sailing trips range from roaming over the Wadden Sea along the Wadden Islands to long journeys across the Baltic Sea. You embark and first meet the fellow passengers and the crew. The crew tells a few things about life on board. Before leaving you will receive an explanation about sailing, then the sails will be hoisted and the adventure begins. You can join in fanatically or relax on deck.
The ships are all very comfortable with attractive day rooms, with 2 and 4 person cabins and several showers and toilets. On arrival, everyone is allocated a bed and the skipper and sailor tell about the ins and outs on board.
Generally these are sailing holidays full board. Often a professional chef sails along and sometimes the guests prepare the meal together. If you travel alone, you will be assigned to a cabin for men or women only. It is also possible to book a cabin privately.

Whatever the journey looks like, you will have a special experience at the end and you will have become acquainted in a relaxed manner with the ins and outs on board and with your fellow travelers. It will not be the first time that friendships have been forged during these journeys for years.

Who sails during a group trip?

The people who sail along have one thing in common: they love being outside, doing and seeing new things and getting to know new people. This can be single people, but also a single-parent family or a married couple. Anyone who wants to can come along, and you can actively sail along, but also lazily read a book on the deck.

Themes sailing holidays

Most trips are for everyone, but there are also group trips for a specific target group such as families, the elderly or singles. This is clearly stated in the text.
There are also sailing trips with a certain activity such as mudflat walking, photography, walking or cycling. At the moment whiskey group trips to Scotland are very popular, during the trip you sail from one beautiful island to the other and visit famous and special distilleries along the way. This trip is also attractive for nature lovers because you can of course go for a walk instead of visiting a distillery.

Start your adventure

View all sailing trips and possibilities and get inspired. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. All employees of the team know the fleet, the ships and its crew well and can work with you to find a nice sailing holiday. Find you here sailing trips and start your adventure!

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