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Sailing ships with departure port Zierikzee

Sailing sailing trips zierikzeeZierikzee is the capital of Schouwen-Duiveland in the province of Zeeland and has been a protected cityscape since 1971. Trade, industry and fishing brought wealth, prosperity and beauty to the city. The old city gate provides access to the city center with its many shops and cozy terraces. The marina on the Nieuwe Haven, the gateway to the Oosterschelde, is buzzing in the summer months. The harbor is also used by the local mussel fishermen. You can relax on the terraces at the Nieuwe Haven. It is a coming and going of ships of all shapes and sizes.

Sailing on the Zeeland waters

From Zierikzee you can make beautiful sailing trips. The Zeeland waters are an ideal waterway for one shorter or longer sailing trip. You can rent an entire ship with skipper and sailor via Zeilendeschepen.nl so that you can take a day trip or multi-day sailing trip with your family, colleagues or friends. There are also sailing trips that start on the IJsselmeer for individuals. These are mostly completely arranged trips from 3 days to a week. Look at our site for all options.

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