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Sailing ships with sailing port Monnickendam

sailing minnickendamMonnickendam is located on the southern part of the IJsselmeer, the Gouwzee. Amsterdam, Volendam and Marken are easily accessible from here both by water and by land. Many traces of the past can be discovered in the area. In the historic inland harbor of this picturesque town, tjalks, clippers and botters determine the view. Beautiful bricks adorn the old buildings along the main roads in the old town. The Speeltoren houses the oldest working carillon in the world with the Angel of Fame blowing on its horn every hour. The Speeltoren is also new Waterlands Museum established.

Beautiful sailing trips on the IJsselmeer

Sailing Holidays - From Monnickendam you can explore the beautiful IJsselmeer area. The combination of the spacious water and historic harbor towns make the IJsselmeer the ideal waterway for one shorter or longer sailing trip. You can rent an entire ship with skipper and sailor via Zeilendeschepen.nl so that you can take a day trip or multi-day sailing trip with your family, colleagues or friends. There are also sailing trips for individuals. These are mostly completely arranged trips from 3 days to a week.

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