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Photo Tours

Sail along to unique photogenic locations

Do you like photography and would you like to go out with other photography enthusiasts to capture nature? A nature photo trip on a sailing ship is definitely something for you. During a photography trip you will learn all the tricks of the trade under the guidance of a professional photographer. And in addition to photographing, you can also actively sail along if you wish.

Photo trips on a sailing ship

These organized photo trips take place in groups and mainly consist of individual travelers. During a group photo trip you will sail together on the ship to photograph during the trip and at the destination. The journey is supervised by a professional photographer. You get to know all the technical aspects of your camera during a photo trip. And because you are on the road during the day and you have a different marina every day, there are many moments to take a nice photo.


The ships are all very comfortable with attractive day rooms, with 2 and 4 person cabins and several showers and toilets. On arrival, everyone is allocated a bed and the skipper and sailor tell about the ins and outs on board. Depending on the weather forecast, a route is mapped out and after the necessary explanation about sailing, the journey can then begin. The trips are based on full board, only the alcoholic and soft drinks must be paid separately.