Sailing trips to events

Sailing to various events

Sailing to a festival or event on the island

There are several from Harlingen sailing vacations to events on Vlieland and Terschelling. During these sailing trips there is of course sailing, but the emphasis is on the visit to the island. The ships sail the first day to the island to stay there for a few days in the harbor of West-Terschelling or Vlieland. In general, food is taken care of while sailing, and as soon as the ship arrives on the island, only breakfast is provided. Sailing to the islands is not only great fun but also very economical. You don't have to buy your boat ticket, on short trips it is full board and you have a good bed on a cozy ship.

Also hotel on the island

Would you rather not sail? Then you can also have one Hotel stay books on the sleeping ship. Various charter ships sail specifically to Vlieland or Terschelling to offer extra accommodation options for an attractive price. Book your own room with a made-up bed plus breakfast.

The hotelships are located in the harbor of Terschelling, near the activities in the village. From here you can visit the shows by bike and experience the best atmosphere on the island. Look here for more information about

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