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Sailing ships with port of departure Makkum

Sailing Makkum sailing vacationMakkum is located just below the Afsluitdijk, on the IJsselmeer coast of Friesland. Makkum is a wonderful place to rent a sailboat for a wonderful sailing trip over the Wadden Sea or the IJsselmeer. The combination of the spacious water and historic harbor towns make the IJsselmeer the ideal waterway for one shorter or longer sailing trip. Or sail through the Afsluitdijk and after the bridge and the lock the journey begins on the salty water to the Wadden Islands. The recreational area of ​​Makkum is delimited on both the south and north side by protected nature areas. Vast plains characterize the landscape.

Many options from Makkum

You can rent an entire ship with skipper and sailor via Zeilendeschepen.nl so that you can take a day trip or multi-day sailing trip with your family, colleagues or friends. There are also sailing trips that start on the IJsselmeer for individuals. These are mostly completely arranged trips from 3 days to a week.

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