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Youth travel

New experiences and new friendships

New experiences and new friendships during a youth trip on board

Step aboard a sailing ship for a unique experience. Get to know your peers and sail the ship together to unknown destinations at home and abroad. There are sailing holidays on, for example, the Frisian lakes where you go out for a week with peers and there are trips abroad on impressive Tall Ships.

Youth trips inland

Step aboard a sailing ship and go on an adventure in your own country. Because these sailing holidays are on board a ship, you don't have to come back to the same place every night. This makes it possible for you to explore the whole of Friesland and so every day looks different. Sometimes you spend the night in a harbour, then on an island and sometimes just in the middle of the water when the ship "drops anchor".
What the week will look like is largely dependent on how the wind is blowing and what your wishes are. Sailing is done every day, sometimes also in the evening. There is also plenty of time for an evening game, a campfire, an evening sailing trip, explore Friesland and its villages, get sailing lessons, chill out and much more! These trips are already available for children from 8 years old.

Youth trips abroad

The youth travels are journeys where young people of different nationalities and backgrounds meet each other and take on a challenge. It is a vacation where two things are central: making new friendships and having the time of your life! 

The ins and outs on board of Tall Ships

The intention is for the young sailors to learn everything about life on a ship, from guarding to cleaning the deck.
Many of these adventurous youth travel take place on board a Tall Ship, such as the Golden Lion. On this ship the trainees learn and experience maritime traditions and values ​​that are indispensable for life on board and within a close-knit community.
At the Golden Lion, the students are closely acquainted with the nautical and maritime world. The teaching material, which is traditionally transferred into theoretical lessons, takes a direct and practical form here. The trainees continue to learn during leisure time and waiting, be it seamanship, navigation or the expansion of their technical knowledge or practical skills.
There is a suitable range of duties in every area. Those with an interest in technology and equipment can work in the engine room or with technical maintenance, while trainees who prefer organizational work can do this, for example, with route planning.
Depending on the duration of a trip, it is possible to delve deeper into some subjects. The focus is on increasing social involvement and team spirit.