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School trip on the water

Educational, active and above all very fun

Book a school trip on a ship and take a trip with your class or group, or even with the entire school, to the Waddenzee and the IJsselmeer. The possibilities are very diverse. Sailing in itself is a great fun day activity and offers plenty of adventure for the students. Together with the crew, the class goes to work to bring the ship to its destination. Once there, you can explore the area and organize an activity if there is still enough time. 

The ships are all equipped as group accommodation with enough cabins and beds, a large day room with several tables and benches and a kitchen where you can easily prepare a meal for a large group.
Whether you come sailing with one class or an entire school, ZeilendeSchepen.nl can arrange this for you. Zeilendeschepen.nl offers you the choice of more than 200 ships. So there is a suitable ship for every group. It often happens that a school chooses to sail with several ships. Each group sails on its own ship and every day you go on a nice sailing trip where the classes meet again in the ports.

An example of a school trip

School trip sailing Wadden Sea

To give you an idea of ​​the possibilities, here is an example of what a school trip on the Wadden Sea might look like:
Everyone arrives in Harlingen on Monday and you are welcome on board from 10.00:XNUMX am. After everyone has found a cabin and the provisions and luggage are on board, the sailor gives an extensive tour of the ship and instruction about the sails. Then the ship sails out of the harbor, the sails go up and the students can learn the knowledge, with the help of the crew. put into practice. In the afternoon the ship moors in the port of Vlieland, for example, and you can take a nice walk together through the dunes and the beach towards the village. 

On Tuesday the ship will sail towards a sandbank where you will dry up with the ship. This is a unique experience, waiting for the water to drain completely and the bottom to slowly become visible. As soon as it is low tide you can disembark via stairs and see the life on the bottom of the Wadden Sea up close (see video). Perhaps there is the possibility to spend the night at sea in good weather. The silence and the view of the setting sun is beautiful and the students will not soon forget. The next morning the skipper sets sail for Terschelling. Several activities can be planned on this island. Nature is very diverse and from the harbor you can easily reach the forest, the dunes and the beach. In the village, students can go to the Center for Nature and Landscape & Sea Aquarium, go shopping or visit a disco where many other students are also present. And if there is enough time, there are also various options for an organized activity such as a GPS search, archery or beachcombing.
On Thursday, the trip can go to Texel. Here the class can visit the seal center Ecomare. They offer great excursions on the Wad in the afternoon. Friday, already the last day, the ship sails back to Harlingen. 
A school trip on a traditional sailing ship can be arranged according to the wishes of the students and teachers. For example, it is also possible to stay on the island for a day so that there is more time for an activity on land. For example, in good weather you could also rent bicycles to cycle through the woods to the beach to take a refreshing dip.

Several possibilities

This trip can also be divided in two if a school has less budget or because it does not want to spend as long on the road with the students. You can also change groups on Wednesdays. In that case, the ship will leave on Monday with group 1 and then on Wednesday the classes will change and the ship will sail with group 2 for the rest of the midweek. The big advantage of this is that you only have to book 1 ship and you can do the shopping and only need to put other supplies on board once.
Each group is on board for 2 nights and therefore really have the feeling that they have really been away. Please contact us to arrange a suitable school trip for your school or group.

Sailing Suydersee travel

Visit the islands sailing

Wadden wandering trip of 5 days to the islands. You can sail every day, but you can also choose to stay on an island for a day. On the islands, the forest, beach and dunes are within walking distance.

More information

School trip sailing Wadden Sea

Jutting and sailing - 2 groups

Three-day school trip to Vlieland where two groups alternate on Wednesdays. The first and third day there is sailing, the second day there is a challenging activity on the island. On the island, the ship is located next to the beach and the dunes.

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summer vacation family

School trip Terschelling - 2 groups

School trip to Terschelling where two groups alternate on Wednesday. On Terschelling there is a varied program of activities that students can cycle to. In the harbor the ship is located near the village, the woods, dunes and the beach.

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school trip texel ecomare

Island hopping with activities

A beautiful sailing trip on the Wad, sailing to Texel and Terschelling. Various activities are planned on these islands, such as a visit to Ecomare, a tour with an explanation of life in the Wadden Sea, a walk in the woods or a dip in the sea.

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Young people or associations

In addition to school trips, the ships are of course also very suitable for associations that want to spend a few days with the young people. The ships are regularly rented by sports clubs who, for example, want a nice end to the season with the young people. A weekend sailing with a tjalk to the Wadden Island guarantees a successful youth trip. During a weekend, the group comes on board on Friday evening so that the sails can be hoisted on time on Saturday morning.

As a variation on a well-known proverb says "One YouTube video says more than 1000 words"

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