Classic summer cruise 2020

Monday 27 July 2020 20: 00 t / m Friday 31 July 2020 15: 00

Beautiful sailing trip along Vlieland, Terschelling and also falling dry

The Classic Summer Cruise will take place on board the three-mast clipper Grootvorst. For many years the skipper and his experienced crew have been organizing unforgettable sailing trips across the Wadden Sea and to the Wadden Islands. This year too, the Grand Vorst is going to make a beautiful sailing trip along various Wadden islands and during the trip there will also be dry land so that you can walk on the sandbanks.

Travel information

On Monday everyone will come aboard the Grand Duke in the beautiful port city of Harlingen.
While enjoying coffee, tea and Frisian delicacies you get to know the other guests and the crew.
The skipper warmly welcomes everyone and explains the stay on board a ship and talks about the planned tour based on the weather forecast and the tides.

After a good night's rest and a hearty breakfast, the ship departs for West-Terschelling. The tour goes through the trench between Vlieland and Terschelling, the Vliestroom, along the Richel and the Gronden van Stortemelk.

In the afternoon the ship moors in the port of West-Terschelling. You can walk into this cozy place from the ship.
On Wednesday, the Active remains in the port of Terschelling so that everyone has the opportunity to explore the island. This can be done in various ways: rent a car (Wattcar), a scooter, e-bike, bicycle, mountain bike, tandem, everything is available around the harbor.
You can put together a packed lunch on board for the trip.
Thursday it is time to dry up. The ship leaves the port of West-Terschelling and sails to the dry place. The anchor goes in and now it is waiting for the ebb current to take the sea. As soon as the ship is dry you can leave the ship to walk on the Wad. A very special experience.
On Friday the journey goes again to Harlingen. And after a final sailing trip everyone says goodbye to each other.
Important: the planning of the tour is subject to and depending on the weather conditions: the final route of the sailing trip is ultimately determined on boarding on Monday.


  • Per person based on 2 persons € 525, -
  • Extra surcharge for private cabin € 150

Price includes

  • Breakfast lunch dinner
  • Coffee Tea
  • Duvet and bed linen
  • Towels

Price excludes

  • Soft and alcoholic drinks

Food allergies and dietary requirements
If you have dietary requirements or allergies, it is best to discuss this before booking. Often it is not a problem, but sometimes some cooperation is expected from the guests if special products have to be purchased, which will then have to be taken by the guests themselves, for example.

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