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Information about your booking regarding the coronavirus

September 2020

When making a reservation, we expect the customer to take responsibility and take into account the risks of the corona virus (COVID-19) and the associated government measures applicable at that time.
Zeilendeschepen.nl uses the general terms and conditions if a customer wants to cancel a booking.
If a booking is canceled by us or the skipper, the customer will of course receive the amount paid back.

Book a new sailing trip

From June 1, there can be sailed with a limited number of guests, provided that the 1.5 meter distance can be maintained. Also, the huts are not shared with different households. As a result, the ships are limited in the number of guests, especially for individual trips. So you will have all the space on deck and below deck. Every ship has a protocol with regard to walking directions, cleaning and cabin layout.

The cabin layout is quite precise and therefore it is not always clear in advance whether there is sufficient availability for a trip. To give an example: a family of 4 can be in one cabin, four friends must be in 4 separate cabins. It is a bit more fitting and measuring, but there are a lot of trips this year, so far we have been able to satisfy everyone with a nice sailing holiday.