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A typical sailing trip on the Baltic Sea cannot be described, the sea is too large for this and the coasts too different. The Baltic Sea is a versatile sea that runs roughly from the east coast of Denmark to St.Petersburg. It is also called the Baltic Sea. In the north and east there are foothills of the Gulf of Bothnia, the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Riga. The Baltic Sea offers visitors a very versatile landscape and sailing area.

Although some coastlines look almost tropical, the sea regularly freezes in the winter, in 2010 it was even 2 / 3 from the water surface, because the water here is less salty due to the supply of fresh water from the mainland. There is practically no current and there is little difference with ebb and flow.

Special areas in the Baltic Sea

Sailing Denmark: The Danish coast at Jutland is known as the Danish Riviera. Here are beautiful white sandy beaches, various fishing villages and seaside resorts. The area is especially known for its small coastal towns that radiate a lot of fun. The landscape in Northeast Jutland consists of beaches, lagoons and meadows. Bird lovers are also at the right place here. A large variety of birds lives in this area. Southeast Jutland is the historic area of ​​Denmark. The varied nature in this area is very beautiful. Southeast Jutland is also seen as one of the most beautiful and greenest islands in all of Denmark.
Bornholm is the rocky island of Denmark. The north of this island consists of rocks. There are beautiful quarries and waterfalls here. In the south, on the other hand, you will find miles of white sandy beaches. In the middle of Bornholm are mainly forests and beautiful lakes. The atmosphere on Bornholm is very special. On the island there are many nice fishing villages with traditional smokehouses where fish is smoked. In addition, Bornholm has a very rich culture due to the many artists who live there. Local stonemasons, painters and glassblowers regularly hold open workshops.

Sailing trips and sailing trips on traditional sailing ships

The combination of the special waterways and the Wadden Islands make the Wadden Sea area the perfect waterway for a shorter or longer sailing trip. You can rent a whole ship with skipper and sailor via sailing ships.nl so that you can take a day trip or a multi-day sailing trip with your family, colleagues or friends. There are also about 200 sailing trips every year for people traveling alone or small groups. You can board the boat in various ports in Europe and sail to the Wadden Islands, through the Norwegian fjords or the Scottish Hebrides. The fully arranged trips vary in length from 1 day to 3 weeks. If you cannot find the ideal ship or your dream trip, we are happy to help you via email, telephone or the chat program.

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