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Sailing Friesland - Frisian lakes

Sailing through the beautiful Frisian landscape

Sailing Friesland - Friesland offers many options for the sailing enthusiast. Inland you have the versatile Frisian lakes, but the province naturally borders on the Waddenzee and the IJsselmeer. Sailing in Friesland is never boring. You can rent a traditional sailing ship as a group and determine your own trip together with the crew or sail along as a stepping stone for a sailing trip for example a few days or a day trip.

Frisian lakes

The Frisian lakes is a water-rich tourist area in the southwest and center of Friesland. Especially in summer, the area attracts many water sports enthusiasts because of its versatility. The municipality of De Friese Meren is named after this area. The largest and most important Frisian lakes are the Groote Brekken, the Sneekermeer, the Tjeukemeer, the Heegermeer, the Fluessen and the Slotermeer. Most of the Frisian lakes are located in the so-called Zuidwesthoek, but the lakes at Grouw and Eernewoude are also usually included in the area. The ports on the Frisian Lakes offer many possibilities for visitors. The lakes are ideal for sailing trips.

In the water sports season in this area are the annual Sneekweek and the skûtsjesilen organized by the SKS and the IFKS. The last sailing competition in particular attracts many visitors because of the spectacular races that can also be followed from shore.

Historic fishing villages on the IJsselmeer

Enthusiasts of big water can make beautiful trips on the IJsselmeer. The vast IJsselmeer is rich in nature and fauna and the surrounding landscape is green and open. After a day of sailing you will dock in one of the old fishing towns along the former Zuiderzee. When entering the ports you get the feeling that you are back in the Netherlands from earlier times. Around the IJsselmeer you will find beautiful old Dutch villages and towns. Together they form one of the most beautiful and authentic parts of the Netherlands.

One with nature on the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is the gateway to the Wadden Islands. On the Wadden Sea you can make a perfect sailing trip and, weather permitting, visit a different island or visit every day. The smaller ships with shallow draft regularly sail towards the East to Schiermonnikoog, where the large ships do not come so quickly through the shallows.

For longer sailing trips, it is also highly recommended to stay a day on an island and explore the villages and nature there. You can rent a bicycle and cycle to the beach on Terschelling through the woods, for example. In addition to the islands, there are also ports on the mainland that are certainly worth a visit.

Sailing Friesland

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