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School trip Vlieland and Terschelling

Sailing: a versatile school trip on the Wadden Islands

As soon as you go sailing on the Wadden you immediately experience the vastness and silence of this exceptional nature reserve.
This area is characterized by a landscape that is constantly changing. Sea, wind and sand have free play, which means that the islands, sandbars and channels are constantly changing. The Wadden area is a place that you must experience. It is nature that determines your path here. You depend on the tide and the current of the water. Every day sailing is different, even for experienced skippers who have been sailing here for decades, a sailing holiday to the islands is never boring.

Due to the diversity of the area, it is perfect for a school trip. And the best way to discover islands is on board a sailing ship. Take a trip with your class or group, or even with the whole school, to Terschelling and Vlieland, for example. Together with the crew, the class gets to work to bring the ship to its destination. Once there, you can explore the area and, if there is still enough time, organize an activity. 

What to expect?

On Monday morning everyone comes on board in Harlingen and after a sailing instruction from the ship's crew the mooring lines are thrown loose. The ship sets sail to set sail for an island. The students will hoist the sails together with the sailor. Along the way there is plenty to see and do, set sails, steer and enjoy the beautiful nature reserve. At the end of the afternoon the ship arrives in the harbor.

Once in the harbor you can walk to the beach or forest and if there is still enough time you can also rent bicycles or organize another activity. But the Wadden Islands are special enough in themselves and it is not necessarily necessary to organize an extra activity on a sailing day. This allows you to easily use the school trip low budget to hold.

If you would like to do something extra with the students, you can, for example, spend a day on Terschelling with the ship and rent bicycles. You can cycle beautifully on Terschelling to the Boschplaat or the North Sea beach where the students can swim well. On Texel you can visit Ecomare and on Vlieland take a trip to the Vliehors.

Each island has something special that you can do with the students if there is enough time and budget.

Drying and mudflat hiking

With a flat-bottomed ship it is possible to fall dry as soon as the tide gets low. This should not be missing during the school trip, if the weather and tide allow, falling dry is a must during the sailing trip.

The skipper anchors the ship above a beautiful sandbank and then you can enjoy the view while the tide is ebbing and the water slowly sinks. After a few hours, with a bit of luck, the ship will be completely dry and you can step off the ship onto the sandbar. Then you can walk on the mudflats with the students, look for shells and swim in the last water on the sandbank. This is a very special experience that the students will not soon forget!

Wide choice of traditional sailing ships

The combination of the special waterway and the Wadden Islands make the Wadden area the perfect waterway for a school trip. And sailingships.nl has the largest selection of sailing ships, from small to large. So we can offer suitable ships for every group. School groups can also be divided over several ships, you can then choose to meet in the same port every evening, or only on the last evening.