Sailing in beautiful Friesland

Discover the beautiful Fryslân while sailing

Sailing Friesland - A sailing holiday in Friesland is very versatile. It is not for nothing that Friesland is very popular among water sports enthusiasts. Because there is something for everyone. That's because Friesland is surrounded by water and don't forget the lakes and canals. Due to the variety of sailing areas and nice islands, cities and villages, sailing through the Frisian waters is a special experience for everyone.

Sailing with a group in Friesland

From the Frisian port cities, various traditional sailing ships sail beautiful sailing trips on the IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea or the lakes and canals. The ships vary from small botters to large clippers and in the early and late season you can also book a sailing trip on a tallship. So whether you come with 8 or 40 people, there is always something a ship readily available.
You can book the ships with a group, then the ship is rented as a skipper and sailor. These explain to you before departure how everything works. This allows you to help sail without a sailing experience and make a nice sailing trip. You can go sailing for a day, but if you want to enjoy longer, you can also choose a weekend, midweek or week.

If you are going to make a longer sailing trip then it is possible to sailing on the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. For example, a tour could start in Harlingen and then visit a few IJsselmeer ports and you can spend the last days on the islands. Sailing across the canals through the interior is also quite an experience. And when the wind is strong the canals are a solution, it is quieter there than on the open water. That's why you can sail to Leeuwarden or the Frisian Lakes in bad weather. The possibilities are endless in Friesland.

Individual sailing holidays

If you prefer to go out on your own or with a small group, you can choose from the many group trips. These trips are always on a full board basis and there is a nice trip for every age group. There are for example special family vacations or senior sailing trips. Or do you want to combine cycling and sailing? Or wading once? Look here to the many trips that we offer. This is because is the largest provider of sailing holidays.

Wide choice of ports of departure

Friesland offers a very wide range of sailing ships and ports of departure. You can go to Harlingen, Makkum, Stavoren, Dokkumer Nieuwe Zeilen, Lemmer, Heeg, Sneek and Balk. Naturally, each port has its own charms and possibilities. So do not hesitate to make your wishes known and together we will find the right ship and sailing area.

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