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Active staff outing on the water

The best staff outing for your company

Are you looking for an adventurous and active staff outing for your company or business relations? Then a day of sailing on a traditional sailing ship is a very nice activity which can be extended as desired with a trip ashore or a subsequent dinner on board or restaurant.
A company outing on these traditional sailing ships is a unique and adventurous experience that can be a great way to strengthen the team spirit. Sailing on an authentic ship from the past is not only a fun and exciting activity, but it can also create a sense of belonging and cooperation. While sailing, the staff can roll up their sleeves and help hoist the sails and navigate the ship. It can also be a great opportunity to enjoy nature and beautiful water views. In short, a staff outing on the water can be an unforgettable experience that strengthens the bonds between colleagues and increases motivation in the workplace.

Working together during this active staff outing

Go sailing with your company for a day and get wonderful care during the sailing trip. During this original company outing everyone can actively participate in hoisting and setting the sails. You can sail to another port for an activity there and then you sail the ship back to the home port together. It is also possible to disembark elsewhere to, for example, city ​​walk to make. You can make this staff outing sailing as extensive as you want. Team building on the water is a happening that nobody will soon forget. Zeilendeschepen.nl is an expert in providing a good program for small and large companies where you as an employer can participate in all activities carefree during the day.


As an organization you don't want to be in the kitchen during this active staff outing. That is why you can book this fully catered company outing, including catering and serving staff. Upon arrival, coffee and cake will be ready and during the day a delicious lunch, snacks and possibly a dinner will be available for everyone. You can make this catering as luxurious and extensive as you want.

Arrange yourself or fully arranged

In addition to tailor-made staff outings, we also offer fully catered sailing trips where the program, catering and activities ashore are organized by us. This way you as an organization have your hands free and you don't have to think about anything anymore.
Feel free to ask us about the opportunities.