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Catering on board

Hand over all the care and let the catering take care of

You can rent a ship on a self-catering basis where you take care of the groceries and cooking yourself. For many groups this is a great option and cooking is part of the joint activities during the stay on board.
However, it is also very nice to transfer this care to a cook. He then takes care of the groceries and all meals. You don't have to worry about it anymore.

From basic to luxurious

It is possible on virtually all ships to have the catering provided by a chef. It is then agreed in advance what will be provided. It is also possible to order the drinks. Catering can vary from a simple meal to a luxurious multi-course dinner.
Often you can also choose to do a catering that is not completely taken care of. Then you help the cook with the preparations and the dishes, this is the cheapest option. For longer trips this is a nice option, you do not have the responsibility, you have to help a bit and yet there is a nice meal on the table.
Keep in mind that on some ships a cabin is kept free for the catering staff. In that case the number of sleeping places is reduced.

The menu and the corresponding prices differ per ship. Feel free to ask about the possibilities and we will gladly make a suitable offer.

Does the cook take dietary requirements and allergies into account?

If you have dietary needs or allergies, you can best submit this for booking. Often it is not a problem and the cook knows how to prepare an alternative meal with some adjustments. In practice, the chefs increasingly have to deal with special requests and that can not always be taken into account. Sometimes, therefore, the customer will also be expected to cooperate if special products have to be purchased, which will then have to be taken care of by the customer himself, for example.