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Drying and mudflat hiking

Tuesday 29 August 2023 9: 00 t / m Tuesday 29 August 2023 20: 00


Experience the silence during the fall

Come and spend a day on the Wadden Sea. It is a unique experience to sail over the Wadden Sea with a traditional sailing ship and then see all the water drain away until you see the bottom of the sea.

Travel information

The dry fall tours start and end in Harlingen. Around 9.00 you will be welcomed with coffee/tea and something delicious. After the reception, the ropes are released, the ship sails out of the harbor and the sails are set. The sailor will explain to you what needs to be done before, during and after sailing. About two hours before low tide, the ship arrives at the place where it will dry up. The anchor goes in and then you have to wait. This waiting is far from boring; meanwhile the water is running away and you can see the bottom of the Wadden Sea becoming increasingly clear. The moment the skipper places the steps outside the ship, you can disembark and you are in fact walking on the bottom of the sea. After drying up, you have to wait until the water is high enough to sail back. Meanwhile you can enjoy the environment, birds and the magical return of the sea.

Wadden Association

These trips are organized in collaboration with the Wadden Association. A Wadden guide comes along and if desired you can follow the excursion with this guide on the Wad. Our skippers and the Wadden guide always take into account the wishes of both adults and children. So this can also be an unforgettable day for the children (from small to large).


During the trip there is coffee and tea and a tasty lunch and a hot meal is prepared. You can buy soft and alcoholic drinks on board.


  • Adults € 135, -
  • Children up to and including 12 years € 90,-*

* The discount will be applied after the application

All dates 2023

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Price includes

  • Guided tour and a mudflat walking tour with an experienced mudflat guide from the Waddenvereniging
  • Lunch, dinner, snacks and coffee/tea

Price excludes

  • Soft and alcoholic drinks are available on board for a fee

Food allergies and dietary requirements
If you have dietary requirements or allergies, it is best to discuss this before booking. Often it is not a problem, but sometimes some cooperation is expected from the guests if special products have to be purchased, which will then have to be taken by the guests themselves, for example.

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