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Active sailing on Gratitude

The Gratitude is a very handy and lightning fast tjalk, built by the famous wharf Duivendijk. The ship is one of the first iron tjalks, and in the deck you will still find the original intimmering from 1890.

De Dankbaarheid is a well-arranged ship with a cozy cockpit on deck. Here guests can sit comfortably and safely, and enjoy sailing, socializing with each other, and a nice snack and drink. Those who want to sail actively, are very welcome on the fore and aft deck to learn everything about shots, steering wheel, bakstagen, swords, tacks, jibs, etc. The crew consists of sailing instructors who would like you to do all the sailing work yourself and, in the meantime, keep an eye on everyone's safety.


Below decks the Gratitude offers a cozy space with chairs, benches, tables and a simple kitchen including all inventory. For overnight stays there is in the spacious one bedroom with five bunk beds, in addition there are four sofa beds in the living room for those who want to sleep separately. In total there are 14 beds. There are 2 extra beds which are only suitable for children. The Gratitude is an atmospheric ship without much extra luxury. There are 2 toilets, but there is no shower. However, there is ample opportunity to shower in the harbors.

Sailing Trips

The ship offers space for 14 guests for a multi-day trip and for 20 people during a day trip. De Dankbaarheid is ideal for small groups to sail (part of) a day or to make a long sailing trip over the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer.


Max. passengers (multi-day) 16
Max. passengers (day trip) 25
4-person cabins 1
5-person cabins 2


Toilets 2
Showers 0


Departure port

Gooishe Kaai 19
1141 Monnickendam

Sailing areas

General facilities

  • bunk beds
  • 1 single beds
  • oven
  • catering possible
  • including final cleaning


  • communal toilets

recreational facilities

  • games
  • musical present
  • stereoset
  • bathing ladder
  • compartment


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