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Individual sailing trip

Group travel for single travelers, single-parent families and anyone who enjoys an active holiday

Are you looking for an individual sailing holiday? ZeilendeSchepen.nl has the largest selection of sailing trips in the Netherlands and abroad. The group trips are very diverse and we think that there is a suitable trip for everyone who likes an active sailing trip.

What does an individual sailing holiday entail?

With an individual sailing holiday you do not book the entire ship, but a bed or a cabin. On the day of check-in you will meet the fellow passengers and crew. After an explanation about the stay on board and some sailing instruction, the ship leaves the port. The sails are hoisted and together you make a wonderful sailing trip.
The journeys vary from wanderings across the Wadden Sea to long journeys across the Baltic Sea. In general, these trips are full board. Often a professional cook sails along and sometimes the guests prepare the meal together. If you are traveling alone you will be placed in a cabin for men or women only. It is also possible to book a cabin privately.

Whatever the journey looks like, at the end you will have a special experience richer and you will have a relaxed way of getting acquainted with the ins and outs on board and with your fellow travelers. It will not be the first time that friendships have been forged for years during these trips.

Who is sailing with it?

The people who sail along have one thing in common, they love being outside, doing and seeing new things and getting to know new people. This can be single people, but also a couple or a single-parent family. Anyone who wants to can come along, and you can sail very actively, but also lazily read a book on the deck.

Start your adventure

View all trips and options and get inspired. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help. The employees of the ZeilendeSchepen.nl team know the fleet, the ships and its crew well and can possibly work with you to find a suitable sailing trip. Start here your adventure.

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