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Day trip sailing

Enough excuses to come up with a breath of fresh air for a day

There are many reasons to go sailing during a day trip and rent a ship at ZeilendeSchepen.nl. Think of a company outing with your department, sailing with the association or the annual family outing aboard a ship. On all ships of ZeilendeSchepen.nl it is possible to embark on a sailing ship for one day and get a breath of fresh air. Of course, this also includes suitable catering. On all ships the food and drink can be taken care of for you and on some ships there is also a possibility to do this yourself.

Day trip ships, in a class of their own

At ZeilendeSchepen.nl we also offer special day trip ships. These ships have no overnight capacity and therefore have a lot of extra space inside. On these so-called day trip ships the catering is provided by the permanent staff and it is therefore not possible to arrange this yourself. However, the menu choice is very extensive; ranging from simple to very exclusive. Often all inclusive packages are offered, where a price per person determines the total price. In this way a relatively large ship can be chartered for a smaller group for one day.

Staff outing on the water

Go sailing with your company for a day and get wonderful care during the sailing trip. During this original company outing everyone can actively participate in hoisting and adjusting the sails. You can sail to another port for an activity there and then you sail the ship back together to the home port. It is also possible to disembark elsewhere. You can make this day trip as extensive as you want. Team building on the water is a happening that nobody will soon forget. Zeilendeschepen.nl is an expert in providing a good program for small and large companies where you as an employer can participate in all activities carefree during the day.

Multi-day vessels, deployable day and night

The sailing ships that are equipped for multi-day trips are also available for day trips. On these ships it is usually possible to arrange your own catering during day trips, but of course the catering offered by ZeilendeSchepen.nl is also available. Consider also a pre-overnight stay on board followed by a beautiful day trip over the Wadden Sea.

Please note, when choosing on the ships page, it is important to check the "day trip" option. The day trip capacity is generally higher for these ships than the multi-day capacity.

Statenjacht the utrecht day trip