Zeilendeschips.nl has stopped. We would like to thank all sailing guests for the trust!

For questions about existing bookings are we still available via email (info@zeilendeschepen.nl) and telephone (0517 20 10 23)

Can you book an individual sailing trip?

Corona information for individual sailing trips

ZeilendeSchepen assumes that everyone at this time is aware of the corona measures applicable at that time when confirming a booking request.

Booking sailing trips in 2022/2023

If no new measures are taken, the trips can continue in the old way. It is then possible to book a bed in a shared cabin (m/f separated). These beds are cheaper than a bed in a private cabin. You must, however, comply with the government measures in force at that time.

If you want to cancel yourself, but the booking is allowed to continue according to the applicable government measures, the usual cancellation costs apply. See terms and conditions.

When booking an individual sailing trip, keep in mind that the corona rules for the catering industry apply when the trip is carried out.