Weekend sailing with group on Wadden Sea or IJsselmeer

Get a breath of fresh air during your weekend away

A nice day out together. To be active in the outdoors, or just relax and catch up on the deck. Everyone does what he or she wants, but you are still together as a group. In consultation with the skipper you have chosen the destination: a Wadden island, a IJsselmeer city or a Frisian village. During the weekend sailing the bunches go free in the morning and you enjoy a wonderful weekend away on a traditional sailing ship.

On a sailing holiday on a sailing shipWhat can my weekend sailing with a group look like?

Of course you may, it is not necessary, help hoist the sails, perform maneuvers and determine the course with the steering wheel in your hand. A family member or friend who likes to cook will have a great time at the lower deck in the fully equipped galley. Then to come up around noon with a welcome lunch. Of course you can also be completely taken care of by a co-sailing chef during a weekend, which is very easy!

At the end of the afternoon the destination comes into view and the skipper skilfully sails the ship into the harbor. Enzo is still served to sit on the terrace for dinner. With glowing cheeks from the sun and the wind and a satisfied feeling you fall down. This made a beer or a cappuccino taste so good ...

Take a sailing trip with your friends, family or colleagues

All ships are arranged as group accommodation. So if you want to go out for a weekend with friends, family or organize a company outing with colleagues. That's why you've come to the right place. Because the day room is enough space for everyone to eat, play games or provide a presentation or workshop. View here the sailing ships that are all very suitable for a weekend sailing.

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