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A new way of sailing

'Umoja' stands for Together, Connection and Unity. The word Umoja comes from Swahili and is a way of life. Our clients on board Umoja often use our ship for weddings, company parties and team sessions. These events are all about being together, connection and unity. Umoja is one of the largest sailing ships in the Dutch fleet and specially equipped for day trips and group outings with larger groups. It is decorated on the inside as a lounge area and restaurant. The interior is nothing like the other ships in the sailing fleet. The sleek, modern interior gives a completely different ship experience. From the outside it is a spacious, safe, functional and impressive sailing ship with lots of seating and standing opportunities. An ideal ship for a wonderful day of sailing in a fantastic sailing area!

Flexible room layout

The two-masted Umoja was originally a towing ship with cargo. The ship has a length of 39 meter and width 6,6 meter. Only in 1985 was the ship converted into a sailing ship. The sailing clipper is specially equipped for day trips and group outings with larger groups. Below deck it is furnished as a lounge area and restaurant, with plenty of seating, a trendy bar and a view of the water line. Due to the particularly large space and the flexible layout, numerous options are conceivable. For example, the ship - also a wedding location in the Waterland municipality and in Durgerdam near Amsterdam - offers space for a wedding ceremony, while reception can take place in the other space. For training sessions and meetings, a group size of 30 to 50 people is advised for optimal use of the space. There is of course plenty of space on deck, with plenty of seating and placement opportunities. The spacious and safe sailing ship is an ideal place for a wonderful day of sailing in a fantastic sailing area.


There is a regular caterer on board the 'Umoja'. He is familiar with the operation of the equipment and has experience in dealing with it, even when the ship is under full rigging.
We recommend a maximum of 30 - 40 people for training and meetings. We make delicious freshly made Mediterranean buffets, pasta buffets and barbecues for you,
Catering, coffee, tea, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages are provided by the 'Umoja'.

the skipper

Tweemaster Umoja is the most recent sailing ship that owner Remco Voorneveld added to his fleet at the end of 2014. Previously he already bought the two-master 'Freedom' and 'Adventure'. In total, with these three ships he can easily offer 250 persons a special sailing experience, in which luxury combined with sailing are central.

Price indications

Day trip from 7-8 hour sailing between 9.00 and 23.55 hour
  • 30-50 people (basic amount) € 1450, - and on Thursday, Friday and Saturday € 1650
  • 51-150 persons € 25, - euros per person extra
Day trip from 3-4 hour sailing between 9.00 and 23.55 hour
  • 35-50 persons (basic amount) € 1250, and € 1450 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • 51-150 persons € 20 per person extra
Prices include crew, engine hours, final cleaning, tourist tax and port / bridge fees.
Prices do not include catering and any pre-payment costs. For a suitable quote you can contact slaapschepen.nl


Max. passengers (multi-day) 0
Max. passengers (day trip) 150


Toilets 4
Showers 0


Departure port

Sailing areas

General facilities

  • catering possible
  • use of kitchen not allowed
  • dining
  • professional bar
  • including final cleaning
  • protection from sun and rain


  • communal toilets

recreational facilities

  • microphone
  • beer tap
  • beamer
  • television
  • stereoset
  • lounge area
  • terrace (on deck)
  • wood stove
  • Wireless

Umoja lounge clipper

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