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Sea sailing

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These sailing trips are the tough brother of the entire range of sailing trips that we offer. The Dutch tricolor flies in the mast of most tall ships or sea-going charter ships. Sea sailing is clearly anchored in our culture and the knowledge of the ships is still being passed on to the younger generation.

In the preseason, many of these sea sailors sail from the Netherlands to their summery sailing area and return in the autumn. Sometimes the ships change sailing areas during the high season and long sailing trips are also planned in between. Compared to regular sailing trips, sea sailing is often favorable in terms of price, especially if it concerns longer sailing trips or miles makers. Of course the catering during the trip is included.

Miles-making or island-hopping

The sailing trips can be subdivided into the mile makers and the sailing trips that visit many islands and cities. The mile makers are long journeys where the ship must be in port on a certain date. Therefore, people also sail and watch at night. Ports are visited, but fewer than with regular journeys. The other sailing trips consist of daytime sailing and in the course of the afternoon the ship enters the harbor so that you can go ashore to explore the area.

Sailing area

The sea voyages that we offer are in the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, Scottish Hebrides and Mediterranean Sea. It usually concerns sailing trips of a week or longer. You can often also sail along half a stage.

Sea sailing is an unforgettable experience

Do you have a few good sea legs or do you want to experience such a sea voyage, embark on one of the many trips that we offer. Experience is not necessary, enthusiasm for sailing is! During these sailing trips, friendships for life regularly arise between guests and crew. An experience that you will never forget. You can book the sailing trips with us on a sturdy 20 meter collin archer or an impressive three-master of 60 meter. Is this adventure written on your body? Then contact us immediately. We are happy to inform you about the many options.

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