Zeilendeschips.nl has stopped. We would like to thank all sailing guests for the trust!

For questions about existing bookings are we still available via email (info@zeilendeschepen.nl) and telephone (0517 20 10 23)

Sailing options

Rent a sailing ship or book a sailing holiday

The different possibilities of sailing

Via Zeilendeschips.nl you can enjoy sailing in different ways. For example, you can book a sailing holiday for your own group, join an individual trip, plan a day trip or explore the Wadden Sea for a week. There are very diverse ships that differ in luxury and size.

Because ZeilendeSchepen.nl has the largest selection of traditional sailing ships in the Netherlands, we can practically always offer a sailing holiday that meets your wishes. Moreover, Zeilendeschepen.nl has years of experience and we like to think along with the customer, we like to go that extra mile to make it an unforgettable sailing holiday.

How can we help you choose the right sailing trip?

First, we have arranged all sailing trips on our site as easily as possible. As a first step, you can choose a sailing area on the homepage and then refine the search results via the right-hand column. This applies to both the choice of ships and the choice of the type of sailing trips.

If you click on a ship of your choice, you will get a detail page with a lot of useful information. If you have found a beautiful ship or an attractive sailing trip, you can book it directly online.
If you first want to talk to someone from our team about renting a sailing ship and the various options, our enthusiastic colleagues are ready to help you further.

You can call during office hours from 08.30 to 17.00 hours, through the chat program we are available every day during the day and you can of course email 24-7. We do our best to reply to messages within (by the week) within 24 hours. If you send an e-mail on Fridays after six, this will be answered by Monday at the latest.

What else can our team do for you?

All employees of Zeilendeschepen.nl know the ships and the skippers more than well. If you are looking for inspiration for a nice sailing trip or sailing trip, but you need more information or ideas, call or email us. We are happy to give advice and are always willing to think along with you.
To get you started, we have listed a few suggestions below. Let yourself be surprised!

As you can see, a lot is possible at Zeilendeschepen.nl. We as a team of Zeilendeschepen.nl and a whole fleet of ships, skippers and sailors are ready to let you experience an unforgettable time on the water.

Thallassa sailing ships

At work on Tallship Thalassa during a sailing trip.