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Photo trip to Spitsbergen

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Wonderful sailing trip around Spitsbergen

This photo tour with the Antigua in Spitsbergen guarantees a spectacular tour. The journey takes you past fjords, glaciers and sometimes to the edge of the pack ice. Straight through the habitat of walrus, seal, whale and polar bear. The trips with the Antigua are small-scale, unique and have a clear expedition character. The sailing ship can reach places that are inaccessible to large ships. A special trip through one of the last unspoiled places on earth.

Supervision of photographer

The journey is supervised by the photographer Alexander Lembke. Various moments were added on board for explanation and photo discussions. Of course you will receive practical guidance from the photographer during excursions. The specific light of Spitsbergen at this time of the year certainly also gets plenty of attention.

About Spitsbergen

Spitsbergen is located north of Norway, a short 1000 kilometer from the North Pole. The Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz gave this place its name. Spitsbergen is under Norwegian supervision, but does not fall under the Schengen Convention. Therefore you need a valid passport for a visit to Spitsbergen. The Norwegian Krone is the legal payment method. Longyearbyen is the administrative center and arrival airport of Spitsbergen. On Spitsbergen there are NO roads outside Longyearbyen.

Travel information

Longyearbyen is the arrival airport. From the plane you already have a beautiful view of the south of Spitsbergen. In the afternoon, the Antigua crew welcomes everyone and guides you on board their ship. Then it's time to get rid of the bunches and the ship glides through the water of the Isfjord. Together with the tour leader, the captain selects the most beautiful places on the route along the west and north coast of Spitsbergen. Taking into account weather, wind and ice. A possible route could be: Longyearben (NO) - West and North coast of Spitsbergen - Longyearben.

On expedition

During walks on land we make excursions to relics from different periods of the history of Spitsbergen. For example, the tear furnaces and tombs at old whaling stations, fur-shack huts, weather stations and coal mines. But we also come across the traces of famous explorers such as Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile. For true hiking enthusiasts, there is also occasionally a longer walk on the tundra or a small mountain trip to a beautiful viewpoint. Naturally we take extensive time to get acquainted with the arctic animal kingdom.

The emphasis during the trip is not on sailing, but with favorable wind the sails of the impressive three-mast are hoisted. Of course you can help. Sailing experience is not necessary and helping on board is voluntary. We sail deep into the various fjords to fascinating glacier ends and in the middle of the varied and wonderful arctic mountain landscape.


A trip to Spitsbergen in September means an unprecedentedly beautiful sunrise and sunset. For the first time since the end of the polar summer, the sun dives below the horizon again and sets land, sky and sea in a beautiful, warm glow. In September the first snow can cover the landscape with a white blanket.


  • € 2700 per person in an 2 person cabin with bunk beds
  • € 2950 per person in an 2 person cabin with two low beds
  • Travel sum is based on a stay in a shared double room

Additional travel information

  • Please bring luggage in travel bags: hard suitcases are unsuitable in the cabins.
  • Our clothing advice is to bring wind and waterproof clothing, closed shoes and sporty casual wear.

Price includes

  • Bed linen and towels
  • Full board
  • Photographer guidance

Price excludes

  • Return trip to port of departure
  • Cancellation

Food allergies and dietary requirements
If you have dietary requirements or allergies, it is best to discuss this before booking. Often it is not a problem, but sometimes some cooperation is expected from the guests if special products have to be purchased, which will then have to be taken by the guests themselves, for example.

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