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Crossing Horta - Rotterdam

Thursday 01 April 2021 17: 00 t / m Saturday 17 April 2021 9: 00

Impressive crossing from Horta to Rotterdam

The Oosterschelde will sail back from Cape Verde to Rotterdam in March. The entire ocean voyage goes from Sal, via Horta to Rotterdam. You can board for the entire journey or for the first or second leg.

This second route is a long sea voyage and offers you the opportunity to experience real sailor life. You are part of the crew and you participate in the watch system.

Travel information

On April 1, you will board the Oosterschelde in the port of Horta. Before the ship leaves this lush island, the crew will give everyone detailed instructions.
An ocean trip is on the program. This means that the Oosterschelde will make few stops and the crew will give everyone extensive instruction before departure. There is an ocean trip on the program, so there are few stops.

It is still spring, so there is a chance of worse weather on the way. Fortunately, the wind direction on this route is, precisely in those cases, western and therefore favorable for the sailing trip.
Close to the Azores, there is a good chance of seeing whales, but the ship is not alone later on during the trip. Even so far out to sea there are many birds and occasionally you can see an sunfish, dolphins or other sea creatures.
Closer to the English Channel, the color changes from the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the more greenish water where the continental shelf begins and the seabed goes from 5 kilometers to 200 meters.
If the voyage went well, there is still time for a stop in an English or French port or one of the Channel Islands. At the end of April the ship will sail through the Nauw van Calais and the North Sea again on 3 May everyone in Rotterdam will disembark.


  • 2-person cabin pp € 1820.00
  • 1-person private cabin 30% surcharge

General info

A mileage maker is a journey that takes the ship from A to B in the shortest possible time. Depending on the weather, a mileage maker can take one or two days longer or shorter. You pay a fixed price for participation, regardless of the duration of the trip.

This trip is only suitable for the experienced and fit sea traveler. During a crossing or long journey, there are few options for diverting to a port and medical care is not available within 24 hours.

Price includes

  • Full board
  • Duvet and bed linen
  • Towels

Price excludes

  • Alcoholic drinks (to be paid separately on board)
  • Shore excursions
  • Transfers to and from departure and arrival port

Food allergies and dietary requirements
If you have dietary requirements or allergies, it is best to discuss this before booking. Often it is not a problem, but sometimes some cooperation is expected from the guests if special products have to be purchased, which will then have to be taken by the guests themselves, for example.

You sail with the Oosterschelde

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Oosterschelde salon 6
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