Fjoertoer weekend on the Aldebaran

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Sailing to the Fjoertoer on Terschelling

The Fjoertoer is a very special walking tour on Terschelling with three different distances: 15, 20 and 25 km.

You walk through the woods, dunes, polder and of course over the beach. In the evening, be guided in the dark by the beacons of fire and light made by artists from the island. On board the ship you will get a comfortable cabin, where you can relax after the walk.
For the first 20 participants, the Aldebaran provides starting tickets for the Fjoertoer. These cost € 27,50 per item.

Aldebaran program

Get on board the Aldebaran in Harlingen on Friday at 21: 00 hour. On Friday evening you will spend the night aboard the ship in the Willemshaven. On Saturday morning you will leave for Terschelling after breakfast, where the ship will moor in the afternoon. From 15: 30 hours you can pick up a starter bag in the port, in the Hall of Concrete.
In the evening the Fjoertoer walk of 15, 20 or 25 kilometers is covered. The start takes place in Midsland, where the bus will take you for free. You finish at the Brandaris lighthouse. On Sunday the ship sails back after breakfast to the Willemshaven in Harlingen. You can find specific information about the walk on the Fjoertoer website:

You spend the night in an 2 or 4-person cabin (ladies-men separated).


The catering is fully catered for with the Fjoertoer package. On Friday evening there is coffee or soda and cake ready for you. On Saturday morning there is a substantial breakfast before departure. Along the way, the cook prepares a stew meal on board the ship and you receive a packed lunch during the walk. On Sunday you will be provided with breakfast, lunch and coffee and tea.

This sailing trip can of course also be booked if you do not follow the Fjoertoer and only want to enjoy sailing and the island.

Price includes

  • Quilts and bedding
  • Towels
  • Full board incl. Drinks
  • Port dues and tourist tax

Price excludes

  • Cancellation
  • Activities on the island
  • Starting tickets

Food allergies and dietary requirements
If you have dietary requirements or allergies, it is best to discuss this before booking. Often it is not a problem, but sometimes some cooperation is expected from the guests if special products have to be purchased, which will then have to be taken by the guests themselves, for example.

You sail with the Aldebaran

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